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All labels sold by PAPER-LABEL LIMITED for use in DYMO/CoStar LabelWriters are tested to ensure that they fall within DYMO® material specifications. Our labels will not damage your Dymo printhead. We start with superior raw materials consisting of: 1.High quality direct thermal paper (80G/M2) that is: 2.Smooth and bright white for professional results 3.Water, grease and rub resisant 4.White glassine release paper (60G/M2) 5.State of the art glue technologies which conform to our stringent standards Each roll is individually packed into a protective black polybag and then placed in an individual mini-carton to protect it from dirt, sunlight and scuffing. Labels are produced in a clean environment using the latest technology and undergo numerous quality control checks. Our certifications include ISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000 and others. FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA North American LabelWriter printers require a perforation between labels to detect where the next label position is located. Non-North American LabelWriter printers require black bars printed on the backside of the label to detect the position of the next label. If your printer requires the black bars, then our labels will NOT work for you. ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE BPA FREE BPA (bisphenol A) is an industrial chemical that has been used since the 1960s. Certain thermal paper may contain BPA. The National Toxicology Program at the Department of Health and Human Services says it has "some concern" about the possible health effects of BPA on the brain, behavior and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. NOTICE HouseLabels does not sell DYMO-branded labels. "DYMO®", "LabelWriter®" and all other DYMO-branded product names and SKU trademarks are trademarks of DYMO Corporation. DYMO Corporation does not sponsor or endorse any products made or sold by PAPER-LABEL LIMITED.